Words on World Music



Calcopyrite Communications has been involved with world music and its artists for over twenty years.  We get dozens of new CDs every month, which we review  and catalog and put into our library.  Twenty years of this wonderful madness has given us a huge

Music Library
Think of it – thousands of world music CDs, tens of thousands of songs, all catalogued and archived.  It’s magnificent.  And it’s ready to be used on-air.  Currently we have the Celt in a Twist program for Celtic music fans, but we are ready and able to put together any kind of world musical program.Music Video libraryIt’s not just words and music.  No, we have pictures, too — over 1200 world music videos catalogued and ready for viewing.  The library is the backbone of our television program, world.beats .  And it could be useful to any broadcast organization.

World Music on stage

Cal Koat has been the MC for some of the most exciting world music events ever seen by Vancouver (including the Vancouver Jazz Festival’s Urban Grooves series at the Commodore).   And he has organized many of these extravaganzas himself.  Most recently he has taken over the channel m world.beats  stage at the Alcan Dragon Boat Festival in Vancouver. With his extensive knowledge of local global talent, he is able to bring the best of the world to the people of his favourite city.