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Radio Programs


Calcopyrite Communications is pleased to present a brand new experience in radio!  It’s our WorldbeatCanada podcast — and it’s at the iTunes store — or right here! Check it out for music you won’t hear anywhere else.


Celt in a Twist is an hour of delightful celtivity, bringing you the latest in celtic music and interviews with its brightest stars. You can hear it on the airwaves on AM 1470, CJVB every Sunday at 4. Don’t live in the Metro Vancouver area?  No problem.  Just visit your friendly iTunes store for a free download.  

Our statistics for the Celt In A Twist podcasts have been encouraging and we were thinking of how best to elicit reaction from our mysterious new listeners so we could find out who the are and where they’re from. So, we came up with a fiendishly clever plan … we told them that if they wrote us, we’d give them free stuff. People really go for that free stuff! Here are some glowing words of praise which would seem to indicate that the program is finding a new audience across the length and breadth of the US of A:

Jerry of Encinitas, California writes, “Since I started listening to the Celt podcast, I’ve discovered and purchased music from Shooglenifty, Salsa Celtica and Afro Celts.  Thank you so much for this show.  It is, by far, the best Celtic podcast I’ve found.  It’s both professional and non-self-aggrandizing.”

Stephen of Hollywood, Florida says, I’m a big fan of the “Celt in a Twist” weekly podcasts, which really makes me wish I was back in the Pacific NW ( Portland and Seattle) so I could take advantage of the concerts I keep hearing about.”

Kevin of  Grafton, Ohio enthuses, “I just wanted to write and tell you how much I’m enjoying the “Celt in a Twist” podcast.  I discovered the podcast only last week through a newsletter I get from “The Elders,” and I am hooked!!  Keep up the excellent work!!”

And, Holly of La Habra , California exclaims, ” Your podcast is one of the few that I download and listen to, I love the eclectic Celtic music you play. Thanks so much for putting this out there to be listened to and appreciated.”