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About us

About us

Calcopyrite Communications is (mostly) Cal Koat and Patricia Fraser.

cal3.jpgCalCal has been working in multicultural broadcasting for about 25 years. And he’s loved music all his life.  So it is a pretty good synthesis for him to be working with world music.  Cal produces and hosts worldbeatCanada radio, which is a one-hour podcast and a two-hour radio program on Roundhouse Radio in Vancouver.  He also produces the radio program Celt in a Twist, as well as writing music reviews and doing some pretty smokin’ radio commercial production in his own studio.  

pat3.jpgPatricia also has a background in radio, but now works in the marketing department of an educational institution.  She is the host of Celt in a Twist, and works very hard to keep up with technology. Technology always manages to pull ahead just as she thinks she is closing in on it.

Cal and Patricia work for other people. The opinions expressed here are those of Cal and Patricia (occasionally Cal OR Patricia) and no one else’s.