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Futurist’s Predictions — “local will be the new global”

Monday, January 4th, 2010

Along with heating up leftover Chinese food and digging stubborn tree needles out of the carpet, New Years brings the inevitable look forward to the new year, and our hopes and fears for the coming months.
I recognize the difference between Resolutions and Predictions, that my resolution to floss and exercise more will doubtless result in the prediction of gums that bring on my dental hygenist’s groans, and my midriff’s inexorable slide into my hips. I really don’t want to eat and goof-off less and I have managed to resist my conscience’s entreaties to become more organized for several decades now — the new one will not bring about any miracles in those directions. In fact, I should resolve to make no more half-hearted resolutions. But predictions will always be fascinating for those of us unable to resist the lure of the crystal ball and the Tarot.

Some of us rely on science rather than prescience to zoom in on the future, however.

Marian Salzman knows all and sees all when it comes to making predictions. She has the cred, as

the author of books with titles such as Next, Now and Buzz and The Future of Men

And as this article from the Independent says,

she is not afraid to tell things as she sees them.

Read the whole article to see how she feels about Rupert Murdoch, how social media is changing the public relations field, and the future of traditional media in this brave new world.


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