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worldbeatcanada radio podcast — cookin’ with Jesse Cook!

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009


The autumn equinox has inspired Cal Koat to start a new Facebook group, the Hiber Nation, dedicated to sleeping as much as possible as the winter gloom creeps up on us.  Join it to eschew all group activity — or activity of any kind.

Cal wasn’t napping when he caught up with this week’s guest, Jesse Cook. jessecook.jpgThey had a good chat about the influences that moved Jesse to record his newest album.  You can hear the interview — and some smokin’ music — at the worldbeatcanada.com website, here.  Or, get the worldbeatcanada radio podcast at the iTunes store.

Here’s what you can hear on this week’s show. Click on the names of these world musicians to go to their websites and maybe buy some of their CDs.

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