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Sunday, February 24th, 2008

andypalacio.jpgandypalacio.jpgcale13.jpgcale13.jpgvanesasukhi-medium.jpgIN THE SPOTLIGHT  with SUKHI GHUMAN from VIBC

For nine days every year, the bhangra beat is bigger than ever in the Pacific Northwest. The Vancouver International Bhangra Celebration Society energizes the city with the dhol-driven pulse of this Punjabi dance rhythm. From the authentic to the innovative, bhangra is thoroughly explored and celebrated in all its festive colour and costume. The event is capped with a bha dance competition that attracts teams from all over Canada and the USA. VIBC Director, Media Relations, Suhki Ghuman joins Vanesa on today’s show to Spotlight the City of Bhangra Festival. And, we’ll show you bhangra’s best with the 2007 First cale13.jpgcale13.jpgPlace winning performance.


+ LOTS OF NEW VIDEOS: from Gypsy Punk trail-blazers, Gogol Bordello, soca diva action from Montserrat with Jadine and Grammy winning reggaeton from Calle 13!

INSIDE THE BEAT: The architect of one of global music’s most heartening success stories passed away on January 19th, 2008 at just 47 years of age. Andy Palacio’s efforts to preserve the culture and language of the Garifuna people resulted in Watina, one of the most critically acclaimed world music albums since the Buena Vista Social Club. And, while his untimely passing has shocked fans around the globe, his work continues through a new recording project, exposing the songs of the Garifuna women. We have a preview of that new album and a video memory from Watina to show you, when we go Inside The Beat of Andy Palacio and the Garifuna Collective.


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