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Michael Sturm of Langer’s Ball our guest on Celt in a Twist

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009


Cal Koat of Celt in a Twist got Michael Sturm of Langer’s Ball langers-ball.gifon the phone, and they had a fine old jaw about music and the new album, Ships are Sailing.  You can hear it on the newest edition of Celt in a Twist,  available on our podcast page and the iTunes store.

Or tune in to AM1470 Sunday, August 23, at 4 pm, (Metro Vancouver area) to hear the show on the radio!

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This is the run down for this week’s show. Click on the names of our featured artists to go to their websites — find out more about the musicians and buy one of their terrific CDs (or maybe a T-shirt!)

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