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Cool tunes for hot weather on worldbeatcanada radio – new show is up at our website

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009


Cal Koat has been writing reviews for….a long while.  That’s why there are hundreds up at our website.  Now you can also read them at the Savvy Insider, a smart newsletter you can subscribe to and enjoy every week.  Be sure to check out the Savvy Insider, and Cal’s views on some of the music you can hear on the worldbeatcanada radio podcast.

Find the worldbeatcanada radio podcast – FREE — up at the website, here. Or, get the worldbeatcanada radio podcast for free at the iTunes store.

We want to keep all our services at this remarkable value (you know, free!) — so we’ve just installed a handy dandy Paypal button on our Contacts page  so you can drop a little bit into our electronic hat.

Click on the names of these world musicians to go to their websites and maybe buy some of their CDs.

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