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I turn on Twirl

Friday, March 27th, 2009

I used to play Yahoo Text Twist all the time (high score 903850 — could never break a million).  I played countless lunch hours, absolutely wasting my time on the free on-line game.  But there were a few idiosyncrasies of the game that irked.  They never list the words in alphabetical order.  They are fairly arbitrary about whether a word is real or not.  And the winning words repeat quite frequently, it seems to me. So I kinda got tired of it after a few years, and usually stuck with Bookworm.

Then I discovered Text Twirl on Facebook.  A similar game to Text Twist (or shameless ripoff, however you would view it), Twirl provided even more latitude when it came to words (ani, for instance, and tor).  And the words were often very tough (wackes?)  And you could earn tokens by doing some task or other (I never looked at how I could earn tokens, I just wanted to play the game) and continue playing even after you missed a word.

Then one day I discovered that I could get tokens just by playing.  Every time I logged on, there were 30 or so more tokens in my account.  So I just kept playing.  I got to about 200000 before I lost the first time, but I used my tokens to buy more time.  And I kept playing.  I got to over 1,200,000 points, just playing against myself.  I thought I would play forever.  That I would break the bank! Become supreme Text Twist champion!  I was on the point of making a tiara for myself with old Scrabble tiles, when I started the game one day and found……..10 tokens.  There had been over 300 tokens on my account when I had stopped playing the day before.  Someone had taken them away from me.  Now there were just 10.  That meant that I risked losing every time I played.  To lose 30,000, or even 300,000 points was conceivable.  But to lose 1,200,000 points……….all that time I’d spent……….no, I couldn’t do it.

I’ve never even opened the game since.  It will sit there, frozen in time, until the internet fails.   I will always remain a million-point player.  A very small achievement, yes, but my own. Not one to be surrendered.

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