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Saturday, January 31st, 2009


You know those times when you just can’t get anything started?  When everything you do just feels like you’re trying to push a rope?  January was one of those times for me.  Maybe it was because Mercury was retrograde, maybe it’s because that new presidential guy just made it seem like everything was possible and change could not come fast enough.  Could be, as Mizz Joni says “maybe it’s the time of year and maybe it’s the time of man”.

Today the sun is shining, and I feel like there are some real good things coming.  I hope you’ll join me in a little celebration of celtic music on this week’s Celt in a Twist.  There are some great tunes from terrific artists.  No Joni, though.  Joni!  Record something with fiddles and bagpipes so I can play you on my show!

I DID play Le Vent du Nord, a fantastic Quebecois group with a vielle a roue, a hurdy-gurdy, in the mix.  The album, Dans Les Airs, was chosen as one of the best world music albums of 2008 by Pop Matters.

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