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CD Review – Zaki Ibrahim – Eclectica (Episodes In Purple) (Red Ink)

Friday, August 29th, 2008


Keep your eyes on Zaki Ibrahim. Her fresh approach to neo soul may just be the future of the style. Her music is the product of growing up between Canada’s west coast and South Africa. “Music held an esteemed position in our household,” she recalls, “because most of it was banned in South Africa during apartheid.” Welcoming all styles was the genesis of her new, eight song EP called, ‘Eclectica (Episodes In Purple). As the title suggests, she does not like her music categorized, but she does colour-code her recordings. In 2006, she released Sho (Iqra In Orange). Iqra is an Arabic word that means ‘to constantly seek knowledge’. Touring has kept Zaki Ibrahim on her toes performing shows with South Africa’s Tumi and the Volume, Bedouin Soundclash and K’naan. But, her biggest musical revelation has at the hands of Philly-based DJ and producer, King Britt who collaborated with her on  Eclectica- Episodes In Purple.’  In her words, “I like to set the scene but watching another artist go with it is thrilling.” Zaki is all about working and playing well with others.  She confides, “I want to develop my self-expression while exploring my musical community.”

Key Tracks: Money (King Britt Mix), Love/Like

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