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XIHA Life — coming to a computer near you!

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008


XIHA Life is a world-wide social network — an on-line place to meet with your friends and chat and even set up a blog (sounds familiar, right?) but with one major difference — it’s multicultural.  And for multicultural musicians, the news is even better.

XIHA Life also announced today XIHA Music, its global distribution channel that provides independent musicians with an instant global audience.

As the press release (which came to our comments site — very hip!) says,

“The global phenomenon of social networking has actually been hampered by the monolingual vision of other social networking sites,” says Jani Penttinen, co-founder and CTO at XIHA Life. “Forcing users to choose just one language limits the number and types of communities they can participate in, or forces them to maintain multiple discrete accounts. In XIHA Life, users can communicate in as many languages as they want, centralizing all their connections. With XIHA Life, different languages are no longer an impediment to a global community.”This multilingual approach has created the first truly global audience for the world’s diverse musicians. Existing music-focused social networks force musicians to communicate with fans in just one language. With XIHA Life, they can connect in the language their fans understand, increasing promotional opportunities and fan loyalty.“There are three key benefits of XIHA Music,” explained Penttinen. “Musicians with a global audience now have a way to communicate with their entire fan base. Popular regional musicians have an opportunity to connect with a global audience. And, music lovers everywhere can discover exciting new musicians and bands and engage with them directly.”

XIHA Life has been around for eons (in internet years).

XIHA Life launched internationally in October 2007, and visitors come from all over the world, with the largest communities of users in China, Brazil, France, U.S. and Spain. More than 500,000 unique visitors spend time at XIHA Life each month. At the current 20% growth rate, monthly XIHA user traffic is expected to reach 1 million by the end of 2008.

So for musicians, there’s a huge potential audience.

XIHA Music offers musicians and bands a free account with unlimited storage for music and photos. An editable profile can also link to a musician’s or band’s other profile sites. XIHA Life’s growing international audience is typically eager to connect with people from other countries and learn about other cultures and music, providing independent bands a way to obtain international attention.XIHA Music’s library includes artists from all over the world, and the music is freely sharable in profiles and blogs. When shared music is played on the site’s music player, the band and song names are displayed, along with a link to the band’s profile and an option to add the song to the listener’s playlist, which continues to promote the band and makes it easy for songs to find new audiences and for quality songs to spread virally and rapidly. Users can search for music based on genre, geographical location, language and other parameters, so they can easily find Japanese rock bands singing in English or German folk bands singing in Turkish.

Could be the answer to a world-music lover’s dream (or a nightmare!) But it’s intriguing to be sure, and well worth checking out.

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