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Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

Since channel m’s launch five years ago, world.beats has enjoyed an amazing relationship with the station, becoming a favorite production for the crew and developing a loyal and enthusiastic audience. In April the CRTC approved the sale of channel m to RCI (The Rogers Broadcasting Corporation) and this month, some light was shed on their plans for this former stand alone and original outlet. Programming decisions will now be made in Toronto not Vancouver and consequently, as a business decision, world.beats will not be picked up for the fall season. It’s just one of many cutbacks in local productions that are occurring and will continue into the next year.

I would like to thank Patricia Fraser for helping me prove that in today’s corporate broadcast reality, there is room for mom and pop operations like Calcopyrite Communications; Art Reitmeyer and Johnny Michel, formerly of channel m for recognizing the importance of cross-cultural programming through music as an essential component of multicultural television, the channel m crew for providing such a creative and supportive environment; and especially Vanesa Tomasino, the remarkable host of world.beats who has entertainingly and effectively told the ongoing story of today’s contemporary global music with each episode.

Calcopyrite Communications owns the rights to 130 current format episodes of the Leo award-nominated program, which I will be doubling my efforts to syndicate to other carriers and markets. I will also be actively seeking a new home for the continuing production of world.beats. I believe it performs a valuable service to a music niche that continues to grow in popularity. If you or anyone you know may be interested in the show for syndication on television or the internet, please contact me through www.worldbeatcanada.com. Complete profiles, demos, video promo and podcast episodes of world.beats are just a click away .

To my music industry friends, I will also be maintaining our hand-picked and curated library of global music video clips, currently consisting of 1250 titles. We will continue to review and chart this music monthly through www.worldbeatcanada.com and, in addition to Celt In A Twist, watch for the launch of a new worldbeatcanada radio hour this fall. If you want to comment on the cancellation of world.beats, the best way would be by email through the channel m website. Here’s a quick link.

Again, we remain committed to contemporary global music and greatly appreciate your support.

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