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Thursday, November 10th, 2011

worldbeatcanada radio presents another fabulous free hour of the world’s best music, except for our friends across the pond who’ll be charged a nominal 750 Euros. Come on, that’s only half of what each household in the old country will be paying for the Big Fat Greek Bailout. Too bad there was never a god of finance on Mount Olympus. But, fortunately for the global economy, Greece’s close neighbor is rolling up its sleeves and pitching in. Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi has announced that, in order to free up more time for the hard work of bringing the European economy back from the brink, he will be delaying the release of the forthcoming, ‘True Love’, his latest album of sexy party love songs. Yes, you heard right; his LATEST album. This is to be the fifth disc from the King of Bunga Bunga and his guitarist writing partner, Mariano Apicella. Now, you’re probably asking yourself, “I wonder what music from such a man of consequence and ill-repute would sound like?” According to critics who have suffered his previous offerings, it’s an Italian blend of provolone, mozzarella, asagio and parmesan. Here’s a sample of some of the romantic cheese that melts from the lips of Silvio Berlusconi; “Tell me it doesn’t end here, that you don’t want to throw away our strange love like this. Tell me you’ll come back to me with no more bitter words, let me win your heart.” Ahh, our strange love … that must be the part where the 75 year old politician puts the moves on the 18 year old showgirl. Figures show that the country’s financial crisis is not the fault of the Italian people who are big savers by nature. Private debt loads are comparatively small compared to others in the Euro Zone. It’s Berlusconi’s government that’s in the red to the tune of 120 percent of its Gross National Product. But, then again, who can put a price on True Love? Look for it soon at iTunes and where ever better music is sold.


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