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Occupy Lady Gaga’s head. There’s lots of space.

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

I went downtown to occupy East Hastings Street this weekend and, seriously, some of these people looked like they had been there for years. I don’t mind showing up fashionably late but I would have appreciated a little heads-up Facebook! Sorry for the sarcasm. If you’re not familiar with Vancouver town, East Hastings is the poorest postal code in BC and many of its residents occupy the street because they have too. It’s where they live. Of the 99 percent, they would be the top 1 percent most in need of relief from this prevailing air of classism and corporate greed that has folks rallying around the world. I hope it translates into some tangible change for those hardest hit. My only concern is the guys who show up to these unorganized, peaceful demonstrations of public protest with their own bull horns. I mean the occupy movement is a display of democracy right? So, who voted these mouth pieces spokespeople? I think if you have a burning fetish for public speaking you should join toastmasters or get your own damn podcast. And, if there’s anything more despicable than corporate callousness, it’s celebrity stupidity. Global kids website Moshi Monsters had to drop plans to release a music single from one of its most popular characters Lady Goo Goo because Lady Gaga has taken out a court injunction to prevent the release. With 50 million users worldwide between 6 and 12 years of age, the site is target rich to seed a whole new audience, but Gaga in her infinite wisdom counters, and I quote, “that kids might not be able to tell the two pop starlets apart, despite the obvious differences between them,” like the fact that one is a cartoon and the other is … a cartoon. Wait a sec. That argument might just carry the weight of truthiness. Michael Acton Smith, Founder and CEO of Mind Candy and creator of Moshi Monsters sighs, “It was all done in the name of fun and we would have thought that Lady Gaga could have seen the humour behind this parody.”


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