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Friday, January 25th, 2008

I’ve been very busy getting things started, putting some boats in the water, getting my ducks in a row, etc. before Monday, January 28.  What’s the deadline?

Mercury goes retrograde. 

According to astrologers when Mercury is retrograde you should not start anything new.  And being a Gemini, I am particularly susceptible to Mercury’s mercurial actions.

Oh, do I hear a snicker?  Do I detect a rolling of the eyes?  Will I swallow any sort of nonsense?  No, not really.  I’m usually a skeptic about most things.  But there must come a time when you stop and just let things breath and grow on their own.  And it may as well be now.

When you start new projects you roar off with keen enthusiasm and dash around madly in all directions and get everything going.  But then you have to stand back and look at it.  Squint at it a bit.  Don’t just keep trying to push it into the shape you want it to become.  You’ll miss something. You wouldn’t plant a seed and then pull up the new plant every few days to see how it’s doing. 

It’s difficult to know just when you should relax a bit and let your project either gather some steam on its own or stop dead in its tracks.  So it’s nice when the universe comes along and puts a break in the proceedings.  That’s when Mercury is retrograde. 

I’ll be working hard at my continuing education course.  And doing research on a variety of project-related issues.  But I won’t be starting anything new or important before February 18, when Mercury goes direct again.  By then I should be ready, willing, and most of all, able to start pushing again.


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