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Life, interrupted

Monday, January 21st, 2008

When I started this blog, I thought I knew what I wanted to write about.  World music. Because there are not a lot of blogs on world music, and I happen to have access to some of  the best, plus access to a person who eats, drinks, sleeps, sings, and breathes world music.  Nothing would sully the pure world musicality of this blog.And then I got the flu. Despite having lined up and undergone a flu shot, I managed to come down with the classic symptoms of influenza.  Chills and fever.  Muscle aches.  Headache.  Etc.  So I hied myself home from the day job and spent six days making like a cockroach on the chesterfield in front of the television.  Then I went back to work.I lasted four hours.  Then I went home again for another seven days in a supine position, watching all the Harry Potter movies on DVD, and feeling superior to the people who end up on Dr. Phil.  But at the end of the fourth day I decided I had to see a doctor to see why I felt so very, very lousy.  And it turns out that I have an inflammation of my inner ear (it’s called labyrinthitis, which sounds like a fear of mazes, but isn’t) and it makes me dizzy and nauseous.  But I’m not really sick.  So today I ended up back at work with a purse full of dimenhydrinate and ibuprofen and a little sad sigh when people asked me to do things.  But I have to go back to work because tomorrow night I am starting a marketing course at night school, and I must go. And the rule my mother drummed into me as a tot was that if you are too sick to go to school (or work) you are too sick to do anything else.I think of continuing education as putting coins into a giant slot machine that is going to pay off big time.  Maybe not right away.  Maybe years down the road.  But all the information that goes into your brain is going to do you some good.  Even if it’s just showing off at Jeopardy.  But continuing education is the BEST because it’s information you can apply to your life and your business right now.So tomorrow night I will be taking my place in the first row of the class and filling my brain with knowledge of how to do great things in my life and my business.  And that’s worth getting up off the couch .

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  1. Ethan Says:

    World music is considered just plain music to the vast majority of people in the world. Music is universal, and to discover the music of a culture is to discover the culture as a whole. It must be pretty!

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