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This week on world.beats — Swami does his magic!

Sunday, April 27th, 2008





The music business is a struggle for recognition. However, when your reputation precedes you, you can do no better than generate a little intrigue.

DJ Swami is an accomplished producer who has lent his ears and his talents to releases by platinum selling artists like Apache Indian, Erasure and Canada’s Shania Twain. But, together with his own band, the name, Swami becomes an acronym for So Who Am I? If you don’t already know, they’re modernizers of the UK’s desi rock scene, whose latest album, Equalize brings a world of influence and the weight of experience to bear on the South Asian vibe. DJ Swami (Diamond Duggal) is Vanesa’s guest in Today’s Spotlight.


+ LOTS OF NEW VIDEOS: with Senor Flavio and his 8 year old drummer boy, Astor and Misterio from Argentina, Canadian hick-hopper, Buck 65 and San Fran’s impossible mash-up, Rupa and the April Fishes!


INSIDE THE BEAT: You’ll also meet China Forbes, the reluctant centre-piece of Portland’s little orchestra, Pink Martini. She opens up her home and her personal life to reveal a dynamic singer who’s willing to explore the world through song but still feels most comfortable in her own backyard. Then, world.beats takes you to the stage where Pink Martini’s vintage mix of Latin, Lounge and Jazz bubbles over with personality and a great sense of humour. We’ll debut the title track from their third album, ‘Hey Eugene!’ when we go Inside The intoxicating Beat of Pink Martini.


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