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worldbeatCanada radio podcast for November 26

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010


And the truth shall let you free — at least that’s the theory behind Radio Bar-Kulan.  It’s a radio station broadcasting to the people of Somalia.  It breaks lots of rules — just like good radio does — except this time the people who listen to it could be jailed, beaten, or worse.  Just ask our fellow host Patricia Fraser, of Celt in a Twist. Having women broadcasters should not be a crime. But it is — in Somalia.

We salute the courage of our brothers-in-broadband at Radio Bar-Kulan.  Let’s spread the word — wht airwaves belong to everyone.

Here at worldbeatCanada, we support anyone who wants to say what they want, and play what they want.  No agenda.  Just freedom, and the music that celebrates it.

This week, host Cal Koat has a terrific selection of music from around the world. Listen at the iTunes store. Hear these artists, and visit their websites by clicking on their names in the list below.

Plus you can check out this month’s top 30 at the chart at our website, here.

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