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This week on world.beats — Pacifika — and so much more!

Sunday, March 30th, 2008


Pacifika are taking their music to the next level, doing Vancouver ’s world music community proud in the process. The trio of Silvana Kane, Adam Popowitz and Toby Peter has signed with the ground-breaking worldbeat label, Six Degrees to release their latest album, Asuncion, world- wide! While they’re paused on the brink of future possibilities, Vanesa had the chance to take them aside and share the excitement of a band that’s glowing in the bloom of success. We’ll also debut the newly remixed video single from the Six Degrees release as Pacifika resurface in the world.beats Spotlight.


 + LOTS OF NEW VIDEOS: from German/Balkan disco dj Shantel, shamisen innovators, The Yoshida Brothers and Los Fabulosos Cadillacs’ frontman, Señor Flavio!


INSIDE THE BEAT: A show business maxim that holds true among global artists is, “the bigger they are, they nicer they are.” 2008 Grammy Award winner, Angelique Kidjo is not only showing us the threads that tie popular music to Africa, as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador she’s campaigning to help Africans become more self-reliant. It was through her charitable work rather than her music that she connected with many of the big name artists who appear on her new CD, Djin Djin … people like Carlos Santana, Peter Gabriel and Ziggy Marley. We’ll bring you a glimpse into her humanitarian efforts, which put a fresh perspective on the album’s first hit, when we take you Inside The Beat.

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