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Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Oh frabjous day!  We got the new worldbeatcanada radio podcast up at our site.  Catch it here. Now, patience is called for.  And much technical wizardry.  Then our site will be whole and complete again. We moved our worldbeatcanada.com website to a new host this week, with the attendant hassles and worries.  The site returned, […]

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

JUDGE: Are you trying to show contempt for this court? MAE WEST: I was doin’ my best to hide it. Mae West — I’m No Angel For years now, I’ve asked myself the question, why does the CRTC hand out licenses for Canadian television stations just so they can broadcast a bunch of old American […]

Saturday, April 25th, 2009

Cal Koat has Keith Harkin on the phone to talk about Celtic Thunder — and his surfing days. Listening on your iPod or mp3 player? Download our podcast from the iTunes store this week. Or if you have an iPhone or iTouch you can listen at our sister site, worldbeatcanada.com.  Just click on the banner on […]

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

I consider myself a very lucky blogger — because I am the first person to hear the worldbeatcanada radio podcast.  This week I found to be an especially great show — and I hope you’ll tune in and turn on. You can find the worldbeatcanada radio podcast for free at the iTunes store and our […]

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Megan Romer recently wrote about the “Top 10 Myths About World Music” which encapsulates a lot of the comments we get from people who, lord love’em, just don’t know any better.  It’s good reading, but one of the points she makes is #5, “I’ve never heard any world music.” I’m sure some of the people […]